Ryanair Raises 5-year Traffic Growth Forecast To 50% – Quick Facts


(RTTNews) – Ryanair Holdings plc (RYA.L, RYAAY) said, subject to no adverse Covid developments, the Group will take delivery of 210 B737 Gamechanger aircraft over the next 5 years. Also, Ryanair Group airlines now anticipate more rapid traffic growth over the next 5 years, and raised their 5 year traffic growth forecast from 33% to 50%. Ryanair’s traffic is projected to grow to over 225 million guests by March 2026, which is 25 million passengers p.a. higher than the previous target of 200 million.

Ryanair will open 10 new bases across Europe in the current year. The company expects to create over 5,000 new jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers over the next 5 years.

Ryanair is holding its AGM on Thursday. The company said, based on proxy votes already received, shareholders have approved all resolutions.